Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Library team meeting!

Every term we have a library team meeting where we can discuss our ideas, things we have enjoyed, things we have not enjoyed so much.  We really love talking about our jobs and wanted to share this with the world so these are our last term's meeting minutes:

• How do you feel things are going in your group?
Good things: Everyone loves interacting with all the children, we are having fun and getting along really well. We help each other and meet other people. We all think we are a great team!

Not so good things: Nobody in our group could think of any not so good things so that’s great!

• We have done a great job this term and have spent lots of time learning about our jobs. Time for some action next term! Some ideas:

 Running a second hand book stall

 Story times in the library

 Regular assembly items to share with the whole school

 Quizzes/competitions (any ideas?)

 Arts/crafts (origami, paper weaving or any other ideas?)


We all loved the second hand books stall idea and think that with the proceeds the monitors could buy new lunchtime activities for the library!

Joel is very keen to organize a crafts table in the library during lunchtimes.

Patrick thought that as prizes in competitions and quizzes we could give out extra book issues
to winners which is a great idea.

All of us think we would love to share items at assemblies regularly, we have to think about what are the things we want to share with everyone.

 Is there anything you haven’t learnt about your job yet and would like to learn urgently?

Linda and Patrick would like to learn more about issuing books and shelving which is something we will work on with them next term.

• Would you still like to be a library monitor next term? Tick the answer that is right for you.

 Yes please! I love it, I am born to be a librarian!

 No thank you, unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it very much

Thank goodness everyone ticked the ‘YES!’ box  so we are looking forward to an exciting new term!

At the end of our meeting everyone was given a free book as a reward for your great work.

Mrs. Van Nijlen.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introducing the library monitors for 2010!

At the start of Term 1 all the year 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to become a library monitor. We had lots of applications so there were some hard choices to make! It was really exciting to see so many boys applying! We had have put together a team of girls and a team of boys so it's not all girl power! 
Congratulations to Ojaswai, Brooke and Linda who are calling themselves 'The Speedy Readers'!
Congratulations to Patrick, Chance and Joel!  They have chosen a name for their team:  'The Bookworms'!

The first 2 terms we spend lots of time learning about our job, what we do and how we do it. For the rest of the year we will get better and better at what we do so we could become a Library Leader next year...

We can't wait!