Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Online books

Hi my name is Thomas.  I am the Library Leader and i'm going to tell you about online books.

Each Thursday at the library I run a session called 'online books' at the sports bell. At the sports bell I take 8 children to go onto the library blog where we have a fun online books time. We can go on the books and reading links on the library blog. Our 2 most popular sites on the library blog are Dr. Suess and Geronimo Stilton. If you're wondering what to do on a rainy day you can go on Safari and click on Library Blog then go up to the top and you will see 'Books and Reading Links'.  Click to choose your website.

If you want to do online books on Thursdays at school then when the sports bell rings you need to line up at the library and wait for Mrs. Van Nijlen to open the door, then we sit down on the mat. Mrs Van Nijlen will ask who would like to do online books, then she will pick 8 people to go to the computer corner to visit the library blog and books and reading links.  We'll see you there!