Friday, May 11, 2012

Lots of books in T.P.P.S Library

Hi my name is Hannah
There are lots of books in the school Library. Some are about mermaids, others are about ANZAC day or Cat in the Hat.
We have lots of friendly librarians and a kind library leader Mrs Van Nijlen. Our library boss this year is Logan from Room 4.
In the library we have 8 computers for people who are good. Each Friday people go on the library blog.
This is me and Mrs Van Nijlen. We are librarians, we give out  3 P.P.P tickets every lunchtime
to children who walk and whisper in the library, so every person gets a chance to win a Mc Donalds voucher at assembly

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  1. Hannah
    It sounds as if being a librarian is lots of fun! Mrs Van Nijlen is lucky to have a great team of librarians,
    Mrs McGillan


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